Clermont & Natalia
Dear Борислава🤗, thank you 🙏🙏🙏 for your wonderful wishes and congratulations. We only came back to us a little today 🥳🤩 after all the organization of these moments 🥳🤯😵. It is only thanks to Clermont 😘😘😘 and his help 💪 that we were all able to make 💯 (he was looking for a restaurant for the family for souper🎂🎈, clothes for lui🤵 and shoes for me 👰, rings). He fully supported me 🥰🥰🥰 and agreed with me 😅😂 that I couldn't choose the wedding rings 💍💍. I could participate only in the evening 🌃🌌 because in the afternoon I travaillais👩💻🧟 and from tomorrow only I have vacances💃🕺. My beloved man made tout🤗😘 so that I feel at home with him calmementо🤗 and in a way sécuritaire💪💯. Thank you for your work and for making people happy 😍😍.
David & Svetlana
Hello Borislava, thank you to your agency for meeting my beloved man! The first time, he had to come in March and we closed the borders for foreigners 😭😭😭 but finally, after so many months of waiting and worrying, we are finally together! We are doing very well, David proposed to me and we are getting ready for the wedding 🙂Je wanted to ask you (if you can easily tell us) on which visa you were able to settle in Canada? Did you sign here or there? If you have 5 minutes at your disposal, can I call you? 
Nicolas & Tatiana
Have a nice day. I want to thank you again for Nicolas! Even if for me this is an unusual format of acquaintance, but what's the difference now, we are building our new friendly family together!! Thank you, thank you to all your team for the positive and professional help on many points.
Louis & Irina
Hey, Antoine! Thank you very much for your work! You're doing a great and important job! We are happy! We are now waiting for the meeting, Irina should arrive in Canada in 6 weeks. I will keep you informed! Hello from us in Borislava. If Mr. Borislava can send a message to Irina, she will be happy to do so on 🙂. 
Steve & Tatiana
Good evening Borislava! I am very grateful for your work, for finding the man of my dreams, it's as if you want to help people find each other! 🙂 Inspiration for you, joy, love! Happiness for you and your marriage agency 🙂
Toni & Daria
Hello Borislava and Antoine! Thank you very much, I am very happy that you are helping us with Tony, to find the opportunity and the time to do it. You know Borislava, one year has passed since the wedding, there have been different moments in our relationship, we fought and reconciled, but he is such a wise and patient man! I didn't expect him to wait so patiently for me to stop being hysterical))). And I was hysterical about it and without))). I didn't expect it to be so difficult for me to learn the language, to adapt to his culture and way of life. But, as they say, love and work are everywhere) The most important thing is to remember what we are living together for! Thank you again and many more happy couples 😍.
Pascal & Anastasia
Hello Borislava :)Recently, I made a second trip to France for Pascal, this time with my daughter Sofia. She is 5 years old. :) We had a good time together. A few days ago, Pascal proposed me)))) We met Natalia and Jean Louis :)We met Natalia and Jean Louis.) I really hope it will work out.
Marc & Nataliya
Hello Borislava and Antoine! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try to find my soul mate) You gave me a good advice and I am) I will tell you the truth, I didn't expect that at 50 years old I could interest anyone) Mark is very determined!  We are very similar to him in spirit) He helped me look at my life from the outside, with different eyes. Borislava, Marc proposed to me and I am flying to voir😌 🙂. Let me write to you if I need advice))Thank you for your words! It was a pleasure to communicate with you, to trust you and I wish I had such a good friend) Thank you for having you) I sincerely wish more happy couples in your agency !)
Greg & Yulia
I would like to express my great gratitude to your agency for an incredibly well done job! Borislava, I'm writing to you and mourning Gregory has made me a marriage proposal! You know, I didn't even believe at one point that he would dare to marry me. You know how far we've come, there's no need to give details, we talked about it on the phone. Gregory and I wish your agency prosperity and a thousand thanks for your work! !!
Steve & Oksana
Borislava, hello! A few words, as promised 🙂 I am in Paris with my beloved! I was miraculously accepted at the border despite the restrictions due to the Coronavirus. We are very happy together. Thank you very much for your support and your work! 
Olivier & Tatiana
Good afternoon. Thank you for organizing this meeting for us! Thank you for your work. And I apologize for not writing to you myself about the progress with Olivier. Olivier and I are going to get married after the pandemy, when the borders will be open. I guess I don't quite understand that I'm about to get married) Thank you for your cooperation and good luck in business! 
Sylvain & Svetlana
Borislava, hello!! I have to inform you that the date of our wedding is set.  November 8th! 🎉 happiness has no limits and it is thanks to you and your team of professionals !!!!. I am very grateful to you! 😘 Sylvain and I have asked your coordinator to be present at our wedding and to help us translate.
Daniel & Angelica
Hello, Borislava and Antoine! Yesterday, I arrived from Bulgaria, where we had an unforgettable vacation and on the last day of our departure, Daniel proposed to me! 🙂))) Now we are waiting for the opening of the borders with France so that I can come and see him and we decided to have a wedding with him. Thank you very much for your help, it is very important for me. It costs me thousands of thanks. What I feel in my heart is much more than thanks to you. 🙏🌹😊
Clement & Alina
Hello Borislava ☺️ Please remove my profile from the site. I am very grateful to your agency thanks to which Clement and I found each other ♥️🌹 I became a kind of superstitious, I didn't tell anyone about our relationship, only my sister and my parents knew that we were getting married, so I decided to tell you only after the wedding. I am sending pictures, but please do not publish them on the website. I am in the process of gathering the documents. Almost everything is ready, we just have to wait for the main document, the father's authorization to leave the daughter and we can already move 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Bruno& Victoria
Hi Antoine I'm back from Ukraine and I just finished my forties. I had a very nice trip with Viktoriia and we took the opportunity to get married. Ukrainians are very respectful of social distancing measures and the relevant rules at Covid19. Viktoriia and I had a great time together and we will now proceed with the lengthy immigration procedures for Canada. Marriage in a time of pandemic was very romantic. I am sending you pictures of the wedding. You can publish them if you wish but without the last name, (for me, the wedding photos and video on your agency were a motivating element) the results speak for themselves. I found a wonderful woman through the agency but I also had the chance to meet an incredible translator with Nataliia and made friendships with other clients on a previous group trip. Thanks again to you and Borislava for your good service 🙂 I hope we will have the chance to meet at the Ukrainian festival in Montreal or maybe even in Ukraine and I wish good luck and perseverance to all your clients. Bye and thank you Bruno