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  • Natalya

    40 Years Old

Basic Details

Gender Female Education Diploma in University
Age 40 Years old Language English, Russian
Country UKRAINE Height 174 cm
Birth Date 1983-10-20 Smoking NO
Relationship Single Eye Colour brown
Looking For a Man Marital Status Divorced
Work as Border technician. Airport Weight 76
Birth Date 1983-10-20 Kids YES

About Me

My name is Natalya, I am a beautiful single girl with brown eyes and blond hair from Dnipro, Ukraine. I was born in Dnipro/Ukraine. Education: banking, law, computer. My life is established and stable. I live in one of the biggest cities in my country, Ukraine. I love swimming, doing yoga, participate in marathons. I like nature, hiking, but I cannot live on a farm or away from the big city. I have got used to the high rhythm of life and I like it. Thanks to European development programs in Ukraine, a year ago, I managed to pass the competition and to enter the military-technical faculty. Now I am pursuing higher education in the field of computer engineering, because it interests me and gives me the opportunity to move in this direction, and the skills and knowledge of this kind are always in demand in any country. I can be proud of what I do and I have enough time for my family. The time I spend with my family and loved ones is more important to me than my career. That's why I left my management position at an international oil importing company before having my second child. I am not looking for a male godfather or father for my children. I am close to the mentality and way of life of Canada and its citizens. And although people in Ukraine and Russia have learned to overcome difficulties well, most of us don't tend to live in peace and simply enjoy life. Although we are already on this path). The most difficult thing in family life is to stop struggling. With your partner, your neighbor, your kids, your co-workers, your friends, your pets... You have to stop demanding that everyone conform to your artificial expectations and being pressured by strangers. And just love. Being happy to come to your family, to experience the pleasure of spending time together, not because you have to go home, but because you want to be with these people. Because they love you for who you are too. Not because you owe them something or understand something, or just so your wife doesn't hit on you at home. To come back because you are welcome, and to know that with your return home comes the happiness of your family. You, it's you and only you! And that's enough. And we can do everything together because we have each other. Spending the holidays and coming up with different little surprises because you want to, it's good to make those you love happy. For yourself, not for show. And of course, count on each other's actions. Knowing that you are expected and supported no matter what. Just because you are loved and cared for. You are with your loved ones and they are with you. And no matter what happens, you will always be precious and important. Isn't that the most important thing? And it's entirely possible! I am looking for a serious relationship with the help of CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.


Reading, yoga, camping, traveling, cooking, English bulldog dog )), something new

Search For...

Positive, calm, affectionate. This is a person who already understands exactly what he wants from his partner and from life and how to achieve it. Or at least he is willing to try to get what he wants. Friendly and approachable. Desired qualities and interests : No fanatical passion for anything (religion, art or computer games). Lead a healthy lifestyle, drink alcohol in moderation. No smoking marijuana or other drugs. Categorical. Open to new experiences and adventures. Energetic and active. Ready and willing to have a long-term, equal relationship with a partner. A person who is interested in life and willing to accept without drama what happens in his life. Ease of communication and respect for family values. Age: up to 49 years old. Height: from 178 years old. Education: higher education. Presence of children: possible. Religion: Christian. Outside aspect : European aspect. Place : Canada (city).