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    22 Years Old

Basic Details

Gender Female Education Diploma in University
Age 22 Years old Language English, Russian
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Height 170 cm
Birth Date 2000-10-15 Smoking NO
Relationship Single Eye Colour blue
Looking For a Man Marital Status Single
Work as Student Weight 50
Birth Date 2000-10-15 Kids NO

About Me

My name is Elisabeth, I am a beautiful single girl with blue eyes and brown hair, living in Piedmont, Stresa, Italy. I was born in Moldova, in Balti. Education: art history, languages. My friends appreciate in me sincerity, kindness, responsiveness, purposefulness, positive attitude in any situation. I like sports, proper nutrition, I adore cooking and reading. Very much love animals. A vegetarian for almost 2 years. I do not like platitudes and boring life, but at the same time I am very faithful, honest, caring, I know how to stand up for myself, but I never respond to rudeness. I don't criticize anyone until I am asked to, I try to avoid conflicts. I build relationships according to one simple principle: if you give all the good to the man, you get in return the same from him. If both comply with this simple rule, the law will work. I would like the following relationship: to wake up together in the morning, go for a run, cook delicious and healthy breakfast for my beloved, see him off to work. While he is at work, I would like to do my hobbies, household chores and meet him in the evening with a delicious dinner. I am looking for a serious relationship with the help of CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.


I am engaged in sports daily. Also my hobby is to study new languages and culture, I adore to travel, I would like to see all world.

Search For...

I would like to meet a manly guy, to protect his girlfriend from any problems, to sincerely appreciate and care about his beloved. To be faithful, honest, kind, generous and positive. Still it is very important for me that he likes animals. Age: up to 29 years. Height: 180-195. Education: Not important. Presence of children: No children. Religion: Not important. Outside : Athletic build, tall.