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    44 Years Old

Basic Details

Gender Female Education Diploma in University
Age 44 Years old Language English, Russian
Country UKRAINE Height 165 cm
Birth Date 1979-09-28 Smoking NO
Relationship Single Eye Colour
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Call Stack
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Looking For a Man Marital Status Single
Work as Consulting, private practice (astrology, psychology) Weight 50
Birth Date 1979-09-28 Kids NO

About Me

My name is Irina, I am a beautiful Ukrainian woman with grey-green eyes and hair from Kiev, Ukraine. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. Education: philologist, translator, marketing specialist, psychologist, astropsychologist. I am feminine and gentle, with bottomless green eyes, sophisticated, elegant, exquisite, have an innate charm and sense of style, but at the same time emotional and passionate. I am not a saint, I am alive. I can be angry, I can rejoice. I don't pretend to be a "good girl" and I speak boldly to my face if I don't like something. I have a high level of empathy, and I respect men, their goals, interests and personal boundaries. I demand the same in return! I am cheerful, positive, enjoy every minute of my life and I love to travel. I'm smart and witty. Well educated, I like to have philosophical conversations. I like to learn new things, to develop, to know myself. And I'm also honest, loyal, reliable, understanding and responsible. I know what a woman's honor and dignity is. I love, respect and appreciate myself. I have my own rules and principles, and I do not agree to compromise with myself and lower my living standards. I had a hard childhood, few opportunities and many problems, and what I am now is the result of my work on myself and my personality! My shortcomings: stubbornness, irascibility. Sometimes I have long doubts when making decisions. Too smart, like a woman. I take everything to heart, I hurt myself, I let everything through, and it can cause stress. My values: respect, responsibility, inner freedom, optimism, loyalty, love, relationships, family, comfort, malevolence (physical and psychological), beauty, harmony, constant self-development, personal growth, adherence to my life mission, social recognition. The family must be built on respect, absolute honesty, loyalty and trust. Problems must be solved together. The approach "your problems are your problems, so solve them!" doesn't suit me. I am a Slavic woman, and I am not a feminist. I don't need a "partner", I need the best husband in the world! Together should be nice, fun and cool! Life is one and you need to make the most of every day to get an unforgettable experience together. It is important to outsource your everyday tasks (housekeepers are not expensive), so that the daily routine does not interfere with the enjoyment of life. I am already a happy woman! I have everything! Except my beloved husband))) I dream of creating a family union where we will live in love and harmony, share happiness and go forward, hand in hand, into our happy future! My job: I work for myself, I have a private consulting practice (psychology, astrology). I help people look for answers to their questions, solve problems and reach a new level of life. I am looking for a serious relationship with CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.


Travel, history, archaeology, all kinds of art (theatre, exhibitions, art galleries, museums, concerts, music), good quality cinema (I love historical and adventure films, especially about pirates, James Bond films - I am a Bondiana fan), reading, Psychology, self-development (trainings on different subjects), yoga, dancing, fashion, beauty, self-care (spa salons), acquaintance with different cuisines of the world and hiking to quality restaurants (I like good wine, cheeses, delicious gourmet food, unusual combination of flavours, unusual salads; especially I love Italian and Georgian cuisine), walks around the city, civilized comfortable trips to nature. I dream: to learn Italian and Turkish, to try horse riding, to learn how to drive a yacht, to meet the sunrise on a balloon with your beloved, to spend a honeymoon on the island of Mauritius and fly by helicopter over the island.

Search For...

Educated, highly intellectual. Preferably with their business, because such men have a different level of thinking. High level of income. Noble, honest, loyal, reliable, responsible, understanding female nature, courageous, self-confident, active, decisive, with a strong inner core, mature, family-oriented, caring, considerate, respectful, positive, with a good sense of humor. I need a man who has already seen a lot in this life, and knows exactly what he needs! Age: up to 50 years. Education: higher education. Presence of children: adults living separately. Faith: Christianity or atheism. External data: Athletic figure, regular training, non-smoking, well-groomed appearance - I am aesthetically pleasing and this is important to me! Localities: Southern regions, I can't stand the cold.