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  • Lyudmila

    40 Years Old

Basic Details

Gender Female Education Diploma in University
Age 40 Years old Language English, Russian
Country UKRAINE Height 171 cm
Birth Date 1983-11-22 Smoking NO
Relationship Single Eye Colour blue-gray
Looking For a Man Marital Status Single
Work as Manager for business trips abroad (congresses, conferences abroad) Weight 67
Birth Date 1983-11-22 Kids NO

About Me

My name is Lyudmila, I am a beautiful lonely girl with gray blue eyes and hair from Kiev, Ukraine. I was born in Chernigov/Ukraine. Education: Teacher of chemistry, biology, ecology. "I'm all for what I did. To calls in the middle of the night, to unexpected arrivals. I'm all for sincere conversation until morning and for perseverance. I'm for those who get what they want and those who are not afraid to lose. I'm all for what I did. Words don't mean anything." I want to emphasize that for me it is important to feel and see the action. As long as a person just says it doesn't matter to me almost anything. I trust people from the beginning, I trust and I open up. But if a man has lost my trust, I prefer him never to see again or (if that is impossible) to reduce his presence of my life to a minimum. I am faithful in a relationship and I expect the same from my man. I see my family as the strongest, most sincere and most loving. Breakfast and dinner are always together, always with laughter and joy. We're never bored together and we have confidence in each other. I am responsible, straight, I hate lies (I do not lie and feel good when they lie to me). I am ready to create a strong relationship and I believe that love is the solution. For me, the first meeting is also very important, I am sure that the first meeting can be understood immediately about whether the continuation or not. I am looking for a serious relationship with CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.


Interesting new countries, their culture, features, cuisine. go to the pool and, where possible, the Latin American dance (salsa, individual classes), continue to learn English.

Search For...

For me it is important that he was smart (to be with a man, I need to respect him, he must be smarter than me, wiser). Calm, balanced. I want a man to be the lead in a relationship. I want to be brought up, respect women, treat them with understanding and even some leniency. He knew that we were weaker and he was taking care of us. Age, height, education, children, religion, external data, terrain: I understand from my previous experience that all these parameters are absolutely irrelevant if there is contact between people ... I wish he loved the water, the ocean. Loved nature, silence, calm music. To confidently take his hand and say "go" - and I will go, maybe walk a few steps in the opposite direction. Then I'll start thinking. And I'll start thinking if they drive in the wrong direction or if they drive uncertainly. And if there's confidence, I'll relax and have fun. That's all you need to know about me and him. Age: Doesn't matter. Height: Doesn't matter. Education: It doesn't matter. Presence of children: It does not matter. Religion: Doesn't matter. Other: Doesn't matter. Location: Doesn't matter.