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    50 Years Old

Basic Details

Gender Female Education Diploma in University
Age 50 Years old Language English, Russian
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Height 164 cm
Birth Date 1974-04-08 Smoking NO
Relationship Single Eye Colour green
Looking For a Man Marital Status Divorced
Work as English teacher Weight 58
Birth Date 1974-04-08 Kids YES

About Me

Hi, I am Anna, the only Moldovan bride with brown hair and green eyes from Chisinau. I was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. a little about myself. A serious and responsible person at work. An elegant lady at meetings. In the house I am a faithful companion and mistress. In any difficult situation, I remain an optimist. When traveling, I'm mischievous and direct. .. I registered with this CQMI dating agency. I registered with a marriage agency in France to help me start a family with the international dating agency CQMI. I believe in love without borders.


I am a Moldovan woman born in Moldova. I love music. Whatever the style, it's what's written in the heart and soul. I like to cook dishes from Russian, Italian, Ukrainian and Moldavian cuisine. I start painting when I have free time. I always dance in the shower if I have to travel. Travelling gives me a lot of pleasure.

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It's important to me that he wants to start a family and cherish me.