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    46 Years Old

Basic Details

Gender Female Education Diploma in University
Age 46 Years old Language English, Russian
Country UKRAINE Height 165 cm
Birth Date 1978-02-11 Smoking NO
Relationship Single Eye Colour brown
Looking For a Man Marital Status Single
Work as No job- sans emploi depuis un moment. Weight 58
Birth Date 1978-02-11 Kids NO

About Me

Hello I am Anna, a single brunette Ukrainian girl with brown eyes from the city of Skadovsk, from Kherson oblast in Ukraine. I was born in Kherson, Ukraine. I'd describe myself as a Pilgrim as most of my life I've been travelling around the World- Frankfurt, London, Kiev, Melbourne, Rome, Dubai are those cities where I spent years working and gaining experience. Being single gives you a privilege to travel and explore new places and meet new people, but now I feel that I really want to stop and to have a family. Therefore I decided it will be a good idea to ask for a help from professionals - dating agency. Here are some insight about myself: - Teacher of English/Russian languages and foreign literature by education, but explorer by nature - I speak Russian, English and Italian - My humor is dry and sarcastic, so some people do not perceive me adequate until they get to know me better - I'm very communicative person and I do have a lot of friends all over the World - I grew up in the small town among beautiful nature and domestic animals, and I even know how to use an axe:) -My long term goal is to have a family with loving husband and see our kids growing in love and care. -My short term goals are to have a french bulldog and to attend Andrea Bocelli concert in Portofino I have so many other stories to tell and will be happy to share in case of any interest. I excersise on a regular basis and sport is very important part of my life. Nevertheless I'm food addict and always up for a fine dining and a glass of wine. So, Im going circles - first I eat , then I burn it:) My hobby is cooking, as I travel a lot every now and then, I bring different recipes from my journeys and test it on my close ones. The best bit of it is to see their smiling faces ones they eat it. So, my husband has to have a good appetite! Honesty is the best policy and I'm confident enough that jealousy shouldn't take place in a relationship, you can only build relationship on trust and respect. Family for me is a place where each one is loved for no reason...some people say it doesn't exist but I believe IT IS. Family are those who always support, no matter what, who always understand and give you an honest advice, it's a place where you can share your happiness and sadness, family are all those people who gather around a big table for a lunch or dinner, they tell the stories and laugh, they eat and drink and play games... and this is exactly how I see me getting old, among people I love and hand in hand with the ONE for me. I never considered myself as a romantic person, but this is the way I feel it and I dream that one day it comes true. ... I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Dating agency in Ukraine to be your Ukrainian wife. I live in Eastern Europe.


I am a Russian bride born in Ukraine. I like Sport, Cooking, Reading

Search For...

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. Sense of humor is something that I always look for in a man, asI truly believe that only smart people can make a good jokes, therefore for me it's like an intellectual - Good sense of humor -Food lover (as I love cooking, he should love eating:) -At least 170 cm height -Cristian -35-50 y.o. -Higher education -Might have kids -Should not be vegetarian -Passion for travelling -interested in sport (at least chess:)) barometer:) As I have never been married, I do have a lot of love a care to to give away, so he has to handle it. I don't believe in saying, that opposite characters are attracted, but I believe in a relationship when both are looking in the same direction and share the same values( please see above my values), so it's more like a partnership. I can't stand rudeness, so I would like him to have a good manners. I 'd lie if I say that the look is not important for me, but I'd rather be more attracted by brain. It is important that I can learn something from my partner and if he might learn something from me, I'll be privileged! Kindness, empathy and generosity are another characteristics that show a widths of a person's spirit and his attitude towards other people.