Nowadays it is difficult to find a person, no matter if it is a woman or a man, who has never registered on a dating site. Despite the horny, cheating, "married men" and other creatures of both sexes, it is a great option for finding your other half.

Of course, it is possible to believe in fate and wait to meet your soul mate in a supermarket line, but as practice shows, you can wait until you retire. And besides, as the owner of an international website told me, it's also a multi-million dollar business.

Even social networks have different applications, like Badoo or Tinder, where people can meet each other. Especially since it's free.

But marriage agencies and international marriage agency websites, which have partners in different countries, a head office and are available for a fee, are somewhat different. So there are important differences between dating sites and what I call "marriage agencies". In the latter case, people get married from time to time. After one evening or after the 10th or 20th date. At least the ones I've been registered on. And the women who get married there generally have nothing to pay, it is the men who pay: for meetings, visas, flights, translators, letters, parties, etc.. And there are a few crazy people, but their percentage is very low compared to the dating sites. And if everyone is registered on a dating site - from teenagers to retirees, "marriage" takes women from the age of 18, but grandmothers are not there, most often the maximum age of a woman is around 45.

If you don't know any foreign languages

In our country, few people know them, and if they do, it is mostly in English, and not very well. Of course, if you are a woman, if you know English or another language, then the chances of meeting and starting a relationship with a decent senior executive of a Swiss bank are incomparably higher than for someone who does not speak a foreign language. And it doesn't matter where you live, in the capital or in a small town in the Donetsk region. The others can be found on national dating sites, where the chances of meeting a self-employed cab driver, a respectable young man in a foreign black car or a simple dock worker from a store, who is also looking for his fortune and has a picture of him next to a Porsche, are higher. And the difference between this man and the foreigner in the marriage agency is that the latter will probably have his car and have money for gas, otherwise he would not have applied there. Another advantage of marriage agencies is that if you don't know the language, they will always find you an interpreter of any language that you don't have to pay for.


A man on a dating site may write for years and never show up for a meeting, or never get on a plane if he lives in another country, while a woman may "hang out" in a virtual relationship for years. Or make an appointment for a day and don't come, don't answer anywhere. And this is very, very common. He or she may also give a false name, a false age, a false occupation, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to verify everything.

In marriage agencies, on the other hand, things are different. First of all, they usually have a copy of his documents, a questionnaire to find out whether he is married or not, his year of birth and his real name. There are a number of men in their fifties, and often in their sixties, who like to say they are younger. Somehow, after the third date, I discovered that the man was not 50, but 62. Although he denied this fact until the last date, the documents that the owner of the agency saw say otherwise.

Some agencies even monitor their reputation. The groom chooses in advance, pays money to the intermediary, you are warned in advance to find time, because next to you there will be, for example, another manager or an interpreter, who will also not receive any money if you do not come. Everyone will be offended by you, including the groom, and you will not have a good bride and groom. They also have their ratings. Brides and men. If, for example, you meet a crazy man who offers you 100 euros a night on the first date or doesn't invite you to a restaurant or something like that, you complain and they stop working with him most of the time. If a man you meet on an online dating site behaves this way, it's a problem for you.


The issue of sex

The main tragedy and one of the main complaints of women who try to find a man for a serious relationship and not for sex on the first day they meet (although there are also many such women - we are different after all) are men who are looking for sex and offer it right away. Sometimes as early as an hour after meeting. In this respect, dating sites are of course in the lead. Although it is well known that everyone attracts their own. I have a doctor acquaintance, who meets at conferences with decent men, it seems, who are so eager to have sex with her, which of course makes her nervous, because it happens all the time.

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Nevertheless, I call domestic dating sites a dump, and I've never been there. I know that a domestic site "hooks" a mass of married politicians and businessmen under fictitious names, and nothing - their needs are completely satisfied, either for free or for money, and no one can find them. Although my girlfriend managed to find a husband on the same site for an elderly, fat and ugly mother of her boyfriend, who lived with them. The husband, however, was not from Kiev and he moved to live with his wife in her second apartment, which she had rented before. However, they have been together for ten years. I am not the only one who feels that at least half of men and women are looking for uncomplicated sex.

At the foreign sites, where you have to communicate in English or German, I was only registered as a couple, and the contingent there was decent enough. They were TAU2 and Travelgirls. At these sites, the men pay about 50-60 Euros for a monthly membership and can only write to the girls after payment. For the former, with German owners, it was definitely serious, but for the latter, not so much. According to my statistics and those of my acquaintances, 99.9% of the men who live there write in English, they are foreigners. About 50% of the callers were Turks on their way to Antalya. Sometimes at your expense, sometimes at their own expense, offering both 500 to 2000 euros for the weekend plus shopping. Not many Indians. And some of the men were Europeans, with very serious jobs, status and money, some were married and looking for a mistress to travel, others were not and were looking for a wife. A decent, handsome plastic surgeon was looking for sex and nothing more, and a Canadian businessman just wanted to be friends - he had no one to have dinner with.

Overall, there is a difference, and a very big difference.