How much does a wedding cost? This is one of the first questions that the bride and groom ask themselves when they start planning their celebration. The size of the wedding depends on the wedding budget, the number of guests you can invite, and much more.

Today we decided to find out how much a wedding costs in different cities and regions. We have interviewed wedding planners with a lot of experience in this area, so that the bride and groom, after reading our article, will know what to expect and just about how much to expect.

WE HAVE ASKED THE SPECIALISTS FOR A RANGE OF QUESTIONS - after conducting a comparative analysis of the information received, it is possible to judge the level of prices for wedding services in the different regions of the country.

What is the minimum cost of what is called a decent wedding for 50 people in your city? And what about your conception of a "decent marriage"?
What is the average cost of a good wedding for 50 people in your city? What is included in a standard wedding package?
For your city and in your opinion, a wedding with what budget is already starting to be luxurious? What are the unusual things you can afford with the amount of money you have?

Teresa Borodina, wedding planner
Wedding agency "White Chocolate", Moscow

Everyone understands that the total cost of the wedding is influenced by many factors: the time of year, the day of the week, the number of guests, the distance from the city, holidays, the general economic situation of the country, etc. But there are some clients who start planning their wedding a year in advance. To guide these newlyweds, we usually call a minimum cost of 15,000 rubles per guest.

At the same time, we are talking about a decent wedding and a minimum of basic services.

But if we are talking about a decent wedding, I would say 20-25 thousand rubles per guest. These would be services of better quality, for example it would be possible to choose a restaurant with an adjoining open area and make an off-site registration in the countryside.

In my opinion, a dignified wedding is a neat celebration, which corresponds to the level of all wedding services.

No matter what budget we are talking about, whether it is one million rubles or ten - nothing should attract attention and stand out clearly from the overall picture, otherwise the celebration will lose its integrity and will be perceived not as a single unit, but as a bundled set of services. Here are some examples of what usually happens and what makes a marriage "unequal" in terms of level :

Hundreds of thousands of rubles spent on wedding decoration will be perceived in a strange way by the guests if you are sitting in a cheap café. You can sit in nature, but there is little food on the tables and alcohol is cheap. It is also wrong to save money on transportation or accommodation for guests if the venue is not in the city. Your guests, having had a hard time getting to the venue, may arrive in a bad mood and not notice how beautiful your decor is.

Stars at the wedding. Often, newlyweds think that their wedding is a worthy occasion to invite a star (presenter or musicians). But in practice, it turns out that the favorite artists are not accessible to all, to replace them you have to take those who have long since passed the peak of popularity . At the same time, the guests have a question: "What do these artists have to do with our newlyweds? They do not see this as a "surprise for the guests", but as a "lack of money". That's the way it is, everyone understands it, so why is it necessary?
A typical mistake in low budget weddings is to choose an expensive photographer or video cameraman in the hope of saving money on everything else, and the masters will create an unforgettable image using Photoshop ... They won't! What falls into the camera, consists of a thousand little things, every detail must be carefully thought out by the organizer in order to then see the desired image. The whole budget can go to the photographer, but he will have nothing to photograph, except the guests who drink. And in the absence of a worthy program, the guests will have nothing else to do?

Speaking of Moscow, we understand that in our city and its nearest suburbs the price often exceeds the expected quality. In addition, the demand for certain wedding items often exceeds the supply. For example, while most brides and grooms are looking for "a beautiful place in the countryside by the lake", the number of such places is limited - restaurants take advantage of this and deliberately inflate prices. 

Due to price inflation, I would say that the cost of a luxury wedding is 5 million rubles.

At the same time, we are not talking about the fact that the wedding will turn into a "Kremlin concert" and one star will replace the other. We mean a beautiful location in the countryside, a gourmet restaurant, decent entrepreneurs, an interesting show program and beautiful decorations. For such a wedding, you can invite an excellent host and diversify its entertainers in different ways: it can be both a background animation and a spectacular program-show. With a good budget, the program of the show is usually not selected from ready-made proposals, but is carried out under the responsibility of the client. That is to say, during these weddings, we work with the director, rehearse, do dress rehearsals and so on.

For example, to understand what a "CONTRACTOR OF OTHER LEVELS" is, you can consider fireworks: to replace the usual fireworks, which cost 80-150 000 rubles, you can organize a whole pyrotechnical show, ideally combined with a laser show, which will tell the guests the love story of the newlyweds, and the pyrotechnics will make the accents in the right places. Such a show can last 10 to 15 minutes, but every second will not only be thought out and prescribed for the newlyweds. The cost of such a program will be from 500 000 rubles to several millions. With such a budget, a sensible measure would be to put all this aside for a long time and take a quality video: not from a distance with only one camera, but at least in 3-4 cameras, with a crane, a stedicam and a helicopter. Here, too, it is already a "different level of work".

Outdoor ice shows are particularly popular at summer weddings. Here, the flight of fancy is unlimited - from the first dance of the bride and groom on the ice rink to the dance with the stars. Certainly, these weddings and programs require special and careful preparation, regardless of their nature, they cannot cope with it - it is a job for professionals ONLY! And not for independent organizers, but for a united team.

Alyona Matveeva
Honey" Wedding Agency, St. Petersburg 

A dignified wedding is defined by three words: quality, style, comfort. Let me explain: whatever the budget, the quality of the service or the quality of the food must not suffer. It is better to refuse one position than to save on all of them. A wedding must reflect the mood and style of the couple, it must be personalized. During a wedding, everything must be comfortable: the couple must not be bothered by technical details, guests must be comfortably transported to the restaurant and fed on time.

If we are talking about a classic wedding for 50 guests with off-site registration, I would plan a budget of at least 450,000 rubles. This is taking into account the menu - 2 500 per person, decoration, floristry, printing, transportation and all the indispensable wedding personalities, from the host to the videographer. This amount does not include dress, costume and fees, as this is too individual.

The average cost of a wedding in the Northern capital is between 850,000 and 1.5 million rubles.

Here it is already possible to go wild both in terms of the scenery and the program of the show. The range of wedding services, in addition to the basic services, is expanding considerably. In addition, as I said, it is possible to diversify your wedding with interactive spaces and artists - not media, of course.

A very good wedding can be played with a budget of 4 million rubles and more. For us it is important to create an unforgettable vacation atmosphere, "a fairy tale for two", and a good budget broadens the possibilities of choosing a place and its decoration. Of course, the main "surprises" will be waiting for the guests in the interiors: a hall drowned in flowers, unusual shapes, play of light, tableware and designer furniture. The choice of artists is widening, but we do not recommend you to turn your wedding into a show, after all, it is your day and you have to dedicate yourself to it. If the couple wants to see famous artists at their wedding, then prepare a budget from 5 million rubles and up to infinity, depending on the celebrity's favorites.

Evgeniya Bunas, wedding planner
Wedding planner, Minsk 

Very often, the bride and groom and their parents wonder how much it costs to have a wedding. There is no definitive answer, but based on experience and the market price of marriage in Minsk, the following conclusions can be drawn. The minimum cost of a decent wedding for 50 people, with a good restaurant and a standard set of entrepreneurs - starting at $8,000. In this case, I assume a modest exit ceremony and I exclude an abundance of artists in the program of the show.

In the concept of "decent marriage", I mean a well thought-out and organized celebration with its own style and character.

Thus, the average cost of such a wedding will start at $15,000. The standard "wedding package" includes all the mandatory vendors, an off-site ceremony, a personalized decor, a rich program of shows most often with the participation of local bands, an author wedding cake and the final agreement of the wedding evening - a fireworks or pyrotechnics show.

25-30 thousand dollars - at this wedding budget we can already talk about an expensive wedding.

Since our wedding market started to develop qualitatively only a few years ago, we don't have many interesting and really unusual services. But it is safe to say that branding consulting services, wedding branding services and the development of a personalized wedding party program according to the wishes of the newlyweds are becoming more and more popular. If we talk about small "chips", they can include, for example, the arrival of the bride and groom at the wedding registration location by helicopter, decoration of the bride and groom's gathering place, exclusive photo areas for guests and not only.


Olga Lopatina
Wedding agency "Lucky life", Perm.

In my opinion, a wedding worthy of the name can be organized in a comfortable café, above all - with good food and pleasant service. A minimal, but beautiful wedding decoration, which will underline its individuality, is necessary. For such a celebration, you need a registration at the cash register, a good presenter with decent jokes and an author's program, a good photographer.

The minimum cost of a wedding for 50 people in Perm - 300 000 rubles.

A set of approximate services for a medium level wedding, good, but not excessive: a good restaurant, a presenter, a photographer, a videographer, a wedding decor, an outdoor registration, artists or animation, a music band, a cake, a wedding image stylist, hotel room rental. The cost of such a wedding will already be 400-500 thousand rubles.

In our region, weddings are starting to be luxurious with a budget of 1.5 million rubles. Such a wedding budget can afford not to choose from what is available, but to create what you want! You can afford to dream and create a fairy tale for the guests and young people. For example, set up a tent in a beautiful location and fill the wedding day with dozens of elegant and original little things that create that unique feeling of luxury.

Julia Shtrak, wedding planner
Studio "Caramel", Novosibirsk

A decent wedding for 50 people in our city can be up to 250 000 rubles, not counting the bride and groom's outfits. But it will be necessary to "squeeze" specialists, for example, to shoot a wedding video that does not last a whole day.

In fact, the budget does not prevent a wedding, even a modest one, from being dignified. When the bride and groom are happy and satisfied, the guests, when they leave, say "Thank you" and then remember the wedding for a long time - it means that everything went well!

The average cost of a wedding in Novosibirsk>500 thousand rubles, with the newlyweds ordering all the necessary specialists, perhaps one more artist - of course, local. And an expensive wedding from a million rubles already requires an unusual, individual and rich decoration, imported artists or presenters.

Yana Dorn, wedding planner-Event studio "Rumyana", Ekaterinburg

A dignified marriage - a very subjective concept. Each client, each professional area of marriage is treated differently. For the events of Studio "Rumyana", it is above all a wedding where the bride and groom and guests enjoy themselves in an atmosphere of comfort, friendliness and beauty, whether it is a low-cost wedding or a luxurious celebration.

The soul is the main virtue of a wedding, and everyone has their own.

For Ekaterinburg, the minimum estimate for a 50-person wedding, including the main costs, starts at 300-400 thousand rubles. The estimate for the celebration of the average order varies in the range of 500-800 thousand rubles.

STANDARD SERVICE OFFER includes creation of the concept, wedding in the company's style and images of the bride and groom, services of a stylist, photographer, videographer, gathering of the newlyweds outside the house (e.g. in a hotel or photo studio), transportation costs, organization of off-site registration, the rental of a banquet hall or other alternative space, the decoration, including wedding floristry, the organization of several interactive spaces to entertain the guests, the services of a host, a coordinator on the day of the celebration, a music group or other creative groups, the ordering of a cake and, of course, the services of a wedding planner throughout the preparation.

A luxury wedding is when all your dreams can come true!

When the bride and groom are planning a fairly large sum for the wedding organization, from 1 to 1.5 million rubles, it gives the opportunity to use the services of real professionals, the best of the best in the wedding business. It is also possible to afford not to be tied to one place and have a wedding where you have dreamed of all your life, for example, on the shore of a body of water under the starry sky, with light jazz sounds and fairy tale decorations.