Wedding customs and traditions of Ukrainian people

Ukraine has always attracted the attention of the whole world to its culture. Customs and traditions of Ukrainians for weddings are known for their extreme diversity - depending on the region, their originality and originality. Ukrainian wedding rituals have been formed over the centuries. Let's get acquainted with the most important of them.

Ukrainian wedding traditions

Wedding customs

One of the first customs of the Ukrainian wedding is the appearance of the groom's parents (father, brothers, uncles) in the bride's house - the matchmaking. They should certainly be the first to tell the parents of the girl about the wedding. The main purpose of this visit is to obtain the consent of the girl and her family to the marriage. According to the old custom, the groomsmen went to the bride's house with fresh bread. It was brought to the bride's table just before the start of the conversation about the upcoming wedding. If the bride accepted the proposal, she was to cut the bread. After that, the bread was put on the napkin and given to the groom. If the girl refused the groom, the groomsmen received a symbol of rejection - a pumpkin.

The next step after receiving the girl's consent was the inspection. At the funeral, the bride demonstrated all her skills, showing what a good hostess she was. It was important to demonstrate her cooking skills. The examinations were followed by the engagement, which symbolized the final stage of agreements between the bride and groom. The hands of the bride and groom were tightly bound with a towel, and the bride had to give the groomsmen dresses, shirts, etc.

While waiting for the wedding, the bride would embroider a towel. It symbolizes the unity of lovers in their married life, the formation of a new strong family, joy and happiness.

The redemption of the shirt is another old tradition. The shirt for the wedding was prepared by the groom, and on the eve of the feast or the morning of the wedding day, the bridesmaids or girls or boys sent by the young woman went to the house of the groom. There, the druzhki had to redeem the shirt.

On the eve of the party itself, a bachelorette party is held, during which the friends wash the bride, and she, in turn, cry and mourn. After that, the bride begins to weave ribbons in the branches of trees.


Traditions on the wedding day

On the wedding day, the first ritual is the redemption of the bride. The bridegroom is put to the test and tries to get as high a ransom as possible. After redeeming the bride, the groom would take her in his arms and they would walk or drive to the church.

Another beautiful old tradition is to get the blessing of the parents. The newlyweds bow to their parents and thank them. Once upon a time, a wedding could not take place without a blessing.

Getting married is a beautiful and sacred tradition. By getting married in the church, the newlyweds receive God's help to overcome all the obstacles and problems of their married life. The souls are merged into one unit forever.

After the wedding, the newlyweds were covered with coins and cereals, wishing them a happy and rich life. The wedding bread, the loaf, was baked for the important day. According to tradition, the newlyweds must break a loaf of bread for each piece. The one with the biggest piece will be the head of the family. On the bread there is also salt: the newlyweds must put the bread and feed each other, so that in their common life they do not argue and do not dirty.

One of the most touching customs was considered the straightening of the bride's braid. It symbolized the fact that from now on she became a wife.

Ukrainians have many traditions and customs. Many of them have become a history, some of them are specific only to certain regions, many of them are still relevant today. On our portal you will find a lot of interesting information about wedding ceremonies in Ukraine. Follow our new publications!