"Why do Russian women marry foreigners? Why do Russian girls marry American citizens"? - Some Russian men are indignant, looking into the happy eyes of their compatriots who have found female happiness on another continent.

It is quite understandable, when in the "dashing 90s" people immigrated with their families to the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Girls "ran away" from unemployment and lack of money in the hope of finding a "better life" by marrying a foreigner.

But what happens now? Why, in our more stable times, when Russian women are successfully fulfilling themselves in the profession, business, science, are they ready to give up everything and go to faraway countries for their personal happiness?

Many people, including women, and bachelors, are beginning to inspire these "unhappy and crazy adventurers", what difficulties await them in a foreign country, that nobody needs them there, that to leave their possessions and career - it's total carelessness! And they give their lonely girlfriends the "iron" argument, tried and tested over generations, "where you were born, where you are needed! And to my great regret, some women listen to the advice of the "right-thinkers" and consider their arguments to be logical, and continue to spend their solitary evenings, corresponding on dating sites with a host of men, practicing their eloquence and playing carefully with their sense of humor, actively making unambiguous allusions to the possible continuation of their interesting communication in a more private setting. From all of this, for women who have self-esteem, there emerges a sense of frustration and annoyance for spending time on the wrong "then and now and for the wrong people". And they continue to live according to a pattern: "Work - home - work", sometimes going to restaurants with their girlfriends, where, deep in their tender hearts, there is still the hope of meeting a "decent and serious" man. But in restaurants, they only meet married couples, married men and beautiful and lonely women like them, who are waiting for their happiness.

Years go by, but nothing changes mainly, except that sometimes a married stranger or a colleague, who already has a family, appears on the horizon of their life and they pay attention to him because, generally, married men are well-groomed, successful and self-confident. And if the man has no great moral principles, the couple has an affair that "takes" a few more years of the young woman's life before she realizes the futility of such a relationship.

It is then that a woman begins to look around her and realizes that she is mature enough and that there are not many free and serious men who are committed to starting a family and taking responsibility for it! Considering that the ratio of men to women in Russia is very unequal, with women outnumbering men (12 million), it is quite sad. At the same time, some of these men are very young, others are in "eternal quest for themselves" and it is still "too early to think about a family", some unfortunately have addictions, vices and a narrow range of interests ... and some are happy and married!

Certainly, there are successful free men in Russia who are beautiful, educated, broad-minded, but there is a huge number of worthy, young, dazzling and ready to "throw themselves into the arms" of this number of free men!

There is an important nuance to this situation: these men realize the importance of the family in their final years and strive to choose "the best and only" of the vast choices that our reality offers them. 



So what should women do? Women who are successful, educated and want to share their lives with a decent man?

There are two options: live with the hope that Destiny will find her on another business trip and that she will meet her One. Or expand her possibilities and consider a man from another country as a husband. In particular, the neighboring continent, the United States.

Why am I quoting a man from the United States as an example? As I myself have been married to an American for 5 years and live in New York, I can explain from personal and professional experience why some women want to marry an American. For some, an American husband becomes the panacea, they dream of marrying an American citizen and going to live in America!

An American man cannot be considered from a statistical and formal point of view. The country - the United States - is populated by 347 million people, almost twice the population of Russia.

The inhabitants of the United States are a mixture of different nations, cultures and traditions. An American is a tall, blue-eyed blond man, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap, eating a hamburger and washing it with Coca-Cola. This is a very common stereotype of men in the United States (although some are). In fact, a typical American is a man born to immigrant parents from China, Korea, India, Iran, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Western Europe, island states (Caribbean, Jamaica, Africa) and other countries around the world. Therefore, in many of these countries, the concept of family is something fundamental and unchanging and is the most important value for them, in addition to career and education.

Thus, living, and being citizens of the United States, no longer speaking their mother tongue, they are bearers of their traditions, where the Family is a cult!

This is why in New York, a large number of Slavic women from Russia and Ukraine marry Americans of Asian, Indian or Iranian origin. They rediscover those family values that they could not find in their country of origin.

In fact, one of the reasons Russian women marry Americans is that they take responsibility for creating a family. Family for an American man is the foundation, the foundation of everything! 

The American mentality about the family :

A responsible approach to starting a family. They get married when they realize they are ready to spend their whole life with one woman.

Americans' religion. Most Americans believe in God and do not support the philosophy of easy divorce. Therefore, if a marriage is problematic, people understand the importance of preserving the family and often turn to marriage counselors to provide an independent third point of view on the situation.
Share household chores. American men are eager to help their wives with household chores and child care. Especially if the wife also works and contributes to the overall family budget. They consider this division of labor to be fair.

Men in the United States respect women's right to leisure and personal interests outside the family. An American husband will gladly take over his wife's duties if he thinks she needs to take time off work or pursue her own interests.

The American mentality also assumes that the man is the head of the family, and that the lion's share of the responsibility rests with him. In the United States, a large proportion of housewives are involved in setting up the household and raising children. The American husband realizes that he is an example for his children, so he tries to show his best qualities to inspire his children, and educates them in the important basic moral principles that he feels he should instill in their children. Americans feel it is their duty to give their children time and spend weekends with them. That's why you can see many fathers walking around the playgrounds with their children, accompanied by their mothers.

American men are less attached to a woman's appearance, but more to her personality traits, her actions in life and her accomplishments. American men are able to appreciate and admire a woman's strength of will, kindness, mercy and hard work. They listen to their wives and make important decisions in agreement with their spouses. In addition, to return to the question of their faith in God, Americans believe that the basic principle of marriage is fidelity. This is why so many couples live together until very old age.

American men are grateful to their wives for taking care of them. That is why a Russian woman marries a man from the United States and therefore has great potential. A Russian woman has great potential to take care of her husband and family, and an American man has a natural mutual gratitude for his sincere good attitude!