Our newspaper's expert - parapsychologist, psychologist, recovery specialist Sergei Lang - is sure: there is nothing worse for relationships than accusations of infidelity, which did not happen.


Jealousy can kill the strongest love. Jealousy is a feeling that destroys your nervous system and your energy. Unfortunately, for many people, love goes hand in hand with jealousy. But the truth is that love goes hand in hand with trust. By being jealous, you can't just love and trust your partner. When you love, you want to be with the person as often as possible, you want to wake up together, spend time together and look into each other's eyes.

But that doesn't mean that the person you love is your property, and that you don't have the right to control them and violate their space. When a person is jealous, he tries to keep the loved one under his total control, and if he fails, there is a nervous breakdown, and the head is not good thoughts. After this "jealous man" presents, as it seems to him, valid arguments in the form of evidence of betrayal.

Nothing worse for the relationship than the accusation of betrayal, which did not happen. In addition, by being jealous, you show your other half that you do not trust you and that there are really other more suitable candidates. If a man loves you, he idealizes you, but your jealousy kills the ideal he sees in you. Moreover, when you are jealous, you think you are running the show and the image of that betrayal, and since all thought is material, your fantasies are sure to become reality. By being jealous, you create an energy of self-deception. Jealousy is the cause of 35% of couples breaking up, so it is important to learn how to deal with jealousy.

Jealousy is a feeling that is gradually inflamed by your thoughts: the more inner experiences you have, the stronger the jealousy becomes. That's why jealousy can be overcome - just don't think about it, and focus on yourself and your relationship in general. The key is to understand that jealousy destroys you as a person and as a desirable woman. I'll give you some basic rules and tips to overcome jealousy.

Take care of yourself

Stop wondering who he hangs out with on social media and who he likes. If a man wants to cheat, he will, and he doesn't need social media to do it. All men are visual, so there is nothing wrong with him liking pretty girls. Men used to look at girls on the street, now they do it online, and there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it as a fact. Your scandal and jealousy won't solve the problem, but it will ruin the relationship.

Take care of yourself.
When your man has gone to the gym or to meet friends, don't stand there thinking you're being cheated on and that he actually went on a date. Better yet, go to the beauty salon and get a new haircut or manicure. Nothing can improve a girl's mood more than a trip to the beauty salon. And endorphins are never superfluous. You and depression will remove, and please a man his beauty. A girl who looks good, always feels confident. This calls for respect from your men, and you feel his good attitude towards you.

Take time to develop yourself

Have a passion
A girl who is always sitting at home by her laptop does not attract a man's interest. When you're passionate about something, you're growing as a person and showing your man that you have space for yourself, which is totally respectful. Plus, when you're doing what you love, you get distracted. And jealousy often comes to bums. 

Try to diversify your sex life

Women often feel that a man is sexually bored. They are convinced that he is on the verge of betrayal. But, unfortunately, this fear does not push women to act. If you have such thoughts, it is time to do something new in your sex life. Believe me, the man will be happy about it, but it is very important that you yourself like sex and want this diversity. If a man understands that you are doing it for him, and you don't feel any interest or pleasure in doing it, it won't be interesting for him. For a man, it is very important that his wife enjoys sex as much as he does. Remember: good sex is a solid foundation for your relationship, which leaves no room for jealousy.

Good sex is a solid foundation for your relationship.

Prepare for the best
When a woman is jealous, her self-esteem drops, she invents flaws and starts convincing herself with negative thoughts: "I'm the worst", "He doesn't like me", "I'm ugly", "This woman is better than me". And believe me, these daily thoughts can really change the pattern of a woman and make her gray, nervous and outrageous. So it is very important to program yourself as often as possible on the positive. Think about the fact that you are the most beautiful and desirable woman. You are doing well, and you are getting better every day. These thoughts will make you an energetically strong and confident woman. And such women are never jealous.