The theory of attraction: an overview of the most important rules

The law of attraction works just as unconditionally in the search for your other half as it does in mathematics and physics. After all, the force that acts on lovers is essentially no different from the force that pulls an apple that has fallen from a tree to the ground.

But this premise of love doesn't always work at lightning speed, because the birth of a relationship is like gravity, which can only be felt by pushing.
Therefore, by taking the initiative and acting competently, you increase your chances of finding the ideal partner. And in this site, we will try to provide you with magic pills that will allow you to charm and seduce your partner/companion in one date.

How to seduce a girl on the first date?

You can only make a first impression on a person once. This is especially true for women, as they tend to set big personal boundaries in dating. It's not easy to overcome the obstacle zone, but there are a few psychological tricks that will help you win over the one you choose.

Women like to listen

The rule is as old as time, and, well, it still works! It's not just about compliments and sweet words, but the communication style in general. While women are encouraged to be shy and modest, in a man, on the contrary, self-confidence is always at the forefront.

Take the initiative and build a dialogue around your chosen one: talk a little about yourself, then gently pass the baton, which she will return. For a first meeting, this is what you need.

You are an attentive listener.

The emphasis here should be on the verb "hear" rather than "listen." An engaged conversation is one of the main indicators of the success of your alliance and its ability to continue.


Charm and Charisma

It is difficult to explain the essence of these qualities, as they depend on the personality of the person. Some people will have a good sense of humor and a relaxed manner, others will have a nice smile or politeness, others will be straightforward. So find your own "chip" and don't hesitate to show it - the opposite sex will appreciate your ability to be yourself.

Humor and flirting

And to be more specific, the playful spirit. This character trait always attracts attention and demands a response. In life, we attach ourselves to the mask of restraint and seriousness, why not remove it in front of a genuinely nice man. Your partner will do the same, and your communication will become even closer.

Body language

Body language can speak louder than words about how nice people are. Recognizing your soulmate's signals and motivating her to respond positively to her actions - a subtle art that you can learn for years.

For example, always pay attention to the duration of the look - let it be a split second longer than usual. Notice how close your hands are, how often each of you touches your hair and smiles for no apparent reason. All of this shows interest and sympathy.

An excellent effect can be produced if you repeat your chosen one's gestures with some periodicity.

Constraint and Ethics

Good girls only like bad boys - an unwarranted stereotype that has little correlation to success in love. No matter how you look at it, respect and good manners always work when it comes to seducing a girl.

It doesn't hurt to give a lady a hand as she gets out of the car or open the doors in front of her. Remember that women always pay attention to details.

Romance and surprises

Continuation of the previous point. With courtesy and good manners, you can go even further and take care of, for example, a beautiful bouquet or call a girl in advance in a cab to take her to the meeting place. A little extra attention should not make a woman unhappy.

How to seduce a man on a first date?

Men often need a special approach on a first date. Especially, when he knows that he is irresistible and is able to charm any beauty. Be on your toes and beat your date with skillful seduction techniques.

Open-mindedness and dress code

Of course, modesty is an ornament. But let those qualities show in conversation, not in appearance. Wear the most beautiful dress and do an evening makeup with emphasis on the lips - your chosen one will certainly be disarmed and will not be able to look away. And don't forget the smile!


People who are whiny on first impressions always push back, so never show your bad mood on the first date. Make sure your meeting turns into a happy time for both of you. Don't be greedy with jokes and laughter - these are the most effective charm tools.

False modesty

Now, let's talk about some tips. Casualness is a cool quality, but it needs to be measured. Be a femme fatale and a shy cinderella all in one. For example, when it comes to personal or past matters. For men, this behavior is like a puzzle they really want to solve.

Intelligence and erudition
Showing off his exceptional knowledge - this is not a bad way to fight for the respect of the opposite sex. He considers himself an alpha male, before whom you must adore? Then put him on his back with highbrow topics and a background of authenticity.

Decent behavior
Open sexuality and naughty gestures can be a bad red flag for your partner. After all, as we said above, many people need mystery. Especially since whatever is on your mind can be presented in a more elegant way. To do this, "casual" and undeclared gestures are enough: a frequent touch on the hair, an elongated look and a slight smile.

Flirting as a type of provocation

Another way to spark interest in your persona is to challenge him. Tease a man by refusing to do what he asks: dance, hold hands or go somewhere.

It is true that this "denial" must be done knowing full well that you want to do it, but are holding back. Manipulation will provoke the mate to further conquering actions. And who told him it would be easy?

Special intonation.
A beautiful and calm intonation of the voice can have a hypnotic effect on the chosen one. This hypothesis has been the subject of more than one experiment and has therefore become a fact.

The main rules are: change the speed and pitch of the sound, so that the speech does not sound monotonous and boring. Try to apply your intonation charms, and you will see how quickly you will learn to listen carefully.

The moment of approach

If you use the above rules smartly, your date will last longer than expected and maybe turn into something more. It's important not to be embarrassed and leave the two of you in a public place where the romantic encounter took place.