Tips from a professional flirt to win the heart of a woman - it is not such a simple task.

Many men are looking for the right keys, but did not succeed in opening the cherished door of his soul mate.

Lover, who works as an escort, and met more than a hundred girls, revealed the secrets of seduction of women, with which you can enter not only confidence, but also in the room of your object of adoration. Learn how to seduce any girl in seven days with our story. Madison James, 39, works as an escort and earns £1,800 per encounter. He is one of the most sought after guys in his company. The man even gives lessons to other colleagues in the field to teach them how to do their jobs better and more efficiently. Madison says most of the women he meets complain about the lack of attention and satisfaction from the men. Members of the stronger sex do not value gentle foreplay and giving girls pleasure, which is the most important thing to them. The sultry catcher shared the secrets to seduce a woman in just 7 days. He claims that if you follow each step correctly, any beauty will be at your feet.

day 1. Secret code: no sex

You need to find your own secret code. Turn to your partner and say, "When I stroke your hand (your neck, your ear, etc.), I think about how we make love. You need to do this several times during the week so that the woman clearly associates touching a certain place with making love. Remember, you need to do it in public places, but discreetly to onlookers. It's just your secret code, and no one should understand it. And, for now, no sex.

Day 2. Cuddle: no sex

Meet the lady from work and give her a big hug so she feels the closeness and warmth. Ask her how her work day went, if she is tired, without letting go of her hug. Look her directly in the eyes so she can see that you really miss her and to inspire confidence. In the evening, have a candlelit dinner and spend the rest of the day quietly together watching a movie. At the same time, massage her hands, gently stroking the skin and asking her if she likes it. Remember: no sex, not yet.

Day 3. 300 kisses, but no sex

Kiss a woman 300 times where she wants it. Start with innocent lip contact, then move on to passionate kisses. When the number exceeds three hundred, she may ask to be kissed in unexpected places. But hold on: the sex doesn't have to happen yet.

Day 4. Spectrum of excitement: no sex

Find out what turns your partner on: kiss her, stroke her, fondle her, but don't bring her to orgasm. When she is already at the limit - slow down and let her cool down a little. But do not Source article News in pictures magazine, from which all copy the content - come to sex. Continue like this for a few more days. Every time you interrupt it at the most interesting time, you feed the interest and desire, both yours and your partner's. Text her throughout the day, reminding her of the night before and asking her what else she'd like to try when you get home. This will help you learn all the moves that give your wife pleasure.

Day Five. Massage: no sex

When your wife gets out of the shower, give her a massage with a moisturizing body lotion. You can add a few drops of her favorite essential oil to enhance the effect. Ask your partner to close her eyes and relax. Massage gently and slowly, avoiding touching the erogenous zones. Remember: there is still no sex.

Day 6. Oral fondling: no sex

Oral fondling will be a great prelude to the final phase. Use this moment to set the tone for the whole day. Kiss your lady in the morning and slowly walk down the stairs. Both of you will be half turned on, but you will let her burn with desire without going to sex.

Day 7. Finally, let there be sex!

Final: You can have sex. Pull yourself together and know that your wife will be ready to tear you apart for torturing her for so long. Look her straight in the eye, feel her energy, hold her tight. Take a deep breath and let yourself go with your feelings without holding back. Seducing the woman you love in these seven steps is completely realistic. Attention, affection and care will help you win the heart of any beauty. And those who already have a soul mate, you can take this seduction course to add fire to a stable and quiet relationship.