Many women from Russia and the former Soviet Union think that they are more beautiful than American, European, or Asian women. I constantly hear from the older generation and from those over 30 that our ladies are the most attractive in the world. My mother is sure of this and does not accept any objections on this point.

I don't exclude that in other countries they say the same thing about their women. But many of our fellow countrymen, once you go to Turkey, begin to say that our women are beautiful, and the Germans, Americans, French - ugly.

I have long wondered why this is so. I think it's a legacy of our Soviet past. Russians necessarily had to be cooler than everyone else - to launch a man into space, to develop virgin lands, to create an atomic bomb. And our women were the most beautiful. This used to be an axiom. But now that the borders are open, it's easy to see how foreign women look.

I even know why our fellow countrymen find foreign women unattractive. European and American women, for the most part, are simply dressed up, especially on vacation. The sexualization of the female image has not been popular there for a long time. Many wear T-shirts and sneakers, not stilettos and miniskirts. Local women do not want to be judged only through the prism of appearance and sex appeal.

For most of our women, especially girls of the '90s generation, it is important to appear attractive to men. The scale of a woman's worth is often judged based on appearance. European women have a much easier attitude to self-care, manicure, clothes. For our ladies, gel nail polish is elevated to a holy procedure, and the closet must be stuffed with rags. Girlfriends and colleagues can easily prick if you, in their opinion, with stale hair and no gel polish.

I've been to more than 20 countries, and I don't think our women are the most beautiful on the planet. Russia has mostly pretty women. But there are a lot of pretty ones in other countries, too. Yes, some do not have manicures and hair extensions, but their facial features are certainly not worse. Perfect beauties are rare, both in our country and in other countries. Equally unpleasant in appearance.

If people ask me which women in the world are the prettiest, I'll say Brazilian women. Why not Russians? 

Unlike our ladies, they have much more lightness and self-confidence. Our women are boxed in, constricted, and always afraid of what people will think of them. Inhibitedness - the antagonist of sexuality. Inhibited women just do not pull on the femme fatale.

Brazilian women, unlike the Russian, are relaxed. These women know how to present themselves. In this country, a girl weighing 80-100 kg can proudly carry herself in short shorts. And a good-looking sportsman can walk next to her. Imagine this in Russia.

"We even have pretty girls who barely reach 50 kg, have a ton of complexes."

Instagram models have reshaped their faces and bodies and become like sisters to each other.

I can't call our women the most beautiful while society turns them into battered complexes, devoid of any individuality. Attractiveness is not only a cover, but also a state of mind. Actresses with not the most prominent faces became global sex symbols only because they know how to present themselves. And many of our women have problems with that.

And what do you think, in what countries are the most beautiful women?
The Baltic states.
Central Asia
Latin America