Medical insurance for foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine

Updated :

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by its resolution of June 12, 2020, introduced a medical insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage in the list of mandatory documents to be presented at the state border crossing for foreigners. This policy is necessary to cover the costs of stay in quarantine and, if necessary, treatment against coronaviruses. In accordance with Regulation No. 480, a health insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage is required for foreign tourists entering on business and for visitors. Exceptions are foreigners who come to Ukraine but have citizenship of our country.

Our company, guided by the Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 588 dated June 25, 2020, can provide you with this type of policy and execute it for you electronically. The cost of the insurance policy of the coronavirus program (Covid-19) is 540 UAH, duration - 365/90 days. You must print the policy before crossing the border.

EKSPO Company:

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The insurance system is a universal means of ensuring maximum security for travelers, especially when it comes to foreigners. The state always guarantees medical care to all its citizens, but foreigners are obliged to use the insurance services. Insurance for foreigners in Ukraine has worked for quite a long time, all travelers, foreign students, tourists, and business people should purchase an insurance policy before crossing the border into Ukraine.
If a foreign citizen plans to study, work or reside in Ukraine for a long period of time, he/she is obliged under international and Ukrainian legislation to purchase a long-term insurance policy for foreign citizens in Ukraine.
The insurance for foreigners guarantees the provision of necessary medical assistance in case of need.

The companies offer two types of insurance for foreigners:
365/365 - insurance valid for one year ;
365/180 - insurance valid for six months;
The first type of insurance is recommended for all foreigners who stay in the territory of Ukraine for more than six months. Insurance for foreigners is a necessary condition for employment and internships, which concerns students.

Why is insurance so important?

First of all, it is one of the obligatory documents for legal stay in Ukraine. In addition, it is a guarantee of your health in case of an urgent accident. It is at the expense of the insurance company that emergency services, hospitalization, treatment, preservation of life and evacuation of foreign citizens to their homes will be provided. Insurance for foreigners is also advantageous for the state, which is responsible for the safety of the guests, as well as for the travelers themselves.
By paying 550 UAH for one year of insurance, you receive insurance guarantees of up to 50,000 UAH.
When taking out insurance for a foreigner, no special documents are required, a copy of a valid passport and an indication of the purpose and duration of the insurance are sufficient.
EXPO Insurance Company guarantees fast and reliable execution of the insurance and individual approach to each client.

It is convenient to work with us because :

A representative of the company will come to the site free of charge to draw up a contract;
Based on the analysis of insurance services, we will help you choose the best insurance package;
The system of premiums and discounts pleases our clients.
The sum insured is 50,000 UAH and the deductible is 0 ;
Our agent will help you to fill in the documents correctly, inform you about all the conditions and details of the possibilities offered by the insurance for foreigners.
The foreigner must have a valid insurance policy for the whole duration of his/her stay in Ukraine. Its presentation is necessary :

- for studies in Ukraine
- in case of a request to a medical establishment ;
- when extending the visa;
- to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine
- for work in Ukraine
- in the event of a traffic accident ;
- when applying for a residence permit ;

If you enter Ukraine with your own car, you must have it insured, otherwise in case of arrest by the police, you will be fined. Not having insurance is a violation of the law and a huge risk with financial consequences.