What foreigners like and dislike about Russian women

"He wore a very expensive gray suit, with foreign shoes in the color of the suit. The gray beret he wore on his ear, under his arm, carried a cane with a black pommel in the shape of a poodle's head. He looked about forty years old. His mouth was a little crooked. Shaved gently. Brown hair. The right eye is black, the left eye is green for some reason. His eyebrows were black, but one was bigger than the other. In a word, a foreigner", - Mikhail Bulgakov, one of the most "Moscow" writers, started one of the most "Moscow" novels. Today a guest from another country in Moscow is not always immediately identifiable in the crowd, he does not seem to be out of the ordinary. But "they" are obliged to recognize Russians among others. Especially when it comes to Russian girls. Expatriates from the capital have told Moscow what they like and dislike about Russian girls and why first date guests are in no hurry to take out their wallets.

Russian girls are very beautiful

A stereotype that we do not want to destroy, so we will not. Because Italians, Moroccans, Americans and Spaniards, all together, see amazing outward aspects about Russian women. Moscow expatriates also do not admire what "was given by nature", but the grooming and dressing ability, style, makeup and love of heels of Russian women. "I like that they like to dress up," says Peter from the UK. - I'm not a fashion expert and maybe old-fashioned, I don't understand outfits, I can't say that your women dress in fashion, but they always look like real women. Russian women are very beautiful".

The Portuguese José agrees with him and points out that "there are so many beautiful and intelligent women here. They take care of themselves and give great importance to their appearance". And the Ecuadorian Jonathan is a bit shocked by this fact: "It's a bit strange when Russian girls dress or put on too much make-up to go to university or to the grocery store. Why would that be necessary? Maybe the Russian wife of the Italian Alessandro knows the answer to this question.


"I love him. At first I fell in love with her eyes, the way she looks at me. The way she speaks. Sometimes it is difficult with her because she is strong, as they say, she is a woman "with balls", and in general we are very different, we have many cultural differences, but I love her". The main obstacle between him and his Russian wife Alessandro is money. The Italian, like many other European men, still cannot accept the fact that "you have to pay for Russian women everywhere".

...and mercantile 

The mercantilism of Russian girls, in the opinion of foreigners, is expressed in the fact that Muscovites are in no hurry to pay for their appointments. And even less so if the relationship is about to reach the registration office.

"When I asked her out for the first time, and then at the beginning of the relationship, we had a hard time agreeing: we have different conceptions of the relationship between a man and a woman, mainly concerning money. I invited her to dinner and in the end I felt and understood that she expected me to pay. That this is a commitment for a man. I didn't like it, because she works and can pay herself". Alessandro tried to change the girl's mind, but to no avail: Russian women are used to men paying for everything.

"You are a man, so you have to pay", I still hear today. I can pay, but only if I want to. I don't like to be treated like an ATM".

Alessandro, owner of a pizzeria, Italian in Moscow

The Italian always discusses the subject of money with his wife, he says, often talking to foreign acquaintances who should pay for the Russian girl - and the controversy over this issue seems to have no end. "Oh yes, she is beautiful, intelligent, I love the way she takes care of me. I know how lucky I am with her, it's just happiness, but I don't like to be obligated". However, the spouses pay the rent equally.


Jussef- DJ from Morocco in Moscow

Yussef from Morocco had been dating his beloved from Moscow for almost a year. The young man proposed to his beloved, but the marriage never took place: Jussef broke off the engagement a month and a half later. "Love was killed by the fact that the girl told me that I must constantly do something for her: offer a bouquet of flowers every week, take a trip, not always come to her mother empty-handed. They want me to pay for everything in general, they say that a man is responsible for paying for everything in the world. I wonder why Russian girls use men as a bank".

Jussef says that in other countries, "everyone knows that Russian girls want to get a lot from a man and give little money". It is certain that they make such demands only to foreigners and for some reason they deceive them by talking about this "tradition": "Many Russians, aged 20-25, work and earn the same salary as men. But from a foreigner, they want more".

When we started to organize the wedding, she said that I should pay for the celebration, because that's how it has always been in Russia. And if I pay, she will feel that I am a real man, that I can be her husband. But that's not a tradition, that's selfishness.

The Moroccan fell in love with Moscow and still hopes to meet his love here. "A bad experience doesn't mean I'm going to give up. Russian girls are different, and I like many things about them: beauty, character, they can do something for you. My ex-fiancée even stopped drinking alcohol, although she said it was normal for Russians to drink. I want my future Russian girlfriend to be educated, tolerant of different cultures and nations, respectful of our traditions. I know that it is difficult to achieve harmony when people have different cultures and religions, but for my part, I will say that sometimes I will be willing to pay for it".

"I have eaten well, you pay!"

There is a constant debate among expatriates about who should pay the bills when they meet Russian girls. Some think that if this is the custom in Russia, it is worth accepting the rules of the game. "When I go out with a Russian woman, I know that I have to pay everything. It suits me," says Nicholas, who moved to Russia from Texas. Jonathan from Ecuador, who has spent his entire student life in Moscow and has even blogged about life in Russia, agrees with him. He also has videos about Russian girls. "The first thing that struck me is that they are always right," he told Moscow 24. - You can't even think that it could be otherwise. Well, and the second: yes, you have to pay them everywhere. I almost always have to pay for a Russian, it's not a problem, but for me a girl is more attractive if she offers to pay for herself".

Others are more categorical, convinced that girls have to pay for themselves if they do not want to tarnish their reputation. Michael advises Russians to bring enough money with them on an appointment to pay for a visit to a café, a movie or elsewhere. In addition, insist on splitting the bill: "The man will understand that he is dealing with an independent girl who loves her boyfriend, not his money."

"Russian girls abroad have a double reputation of beauty and mercantilism. It is better to fight against this from the very first meetings. It is a flag that says: "I am not a concubine looking for a godfather". I think that there are more women of this type among Russians than among others".

Michael- expat

"We are all equal. And if we want equality, we have to pay for it. Money is power, but now money is no longer the privilege of men. If a girl waits or asks a guy to pay for her, it means she is a prostitute. The man is somehow buying her time, now or later".

Russian girls are not always ready for such a turn of events. Cristian and his companion entered a café. The man only wanted tea, the lady was hungry. "First she asked for soup and bread, then a shrimp salad, desserts," the expatriate said in relatively simple Russian. - We talked normally, everything was fine, but when they brought us the bill, I saw 1,600 rubles". The young man deposited his 250 rubles, but when the girl saw it, she "started to make a scandal and scream, to record a video, where she said that I am not a man! The visitors threatened to call the police because of the noise, so, "unfortunately, I had to pay for everything, and she went into the street like a madwoman". 

"I ate well, pay up!" - This is what the Egyptian guest wrote to Natalia from Moscow after the date. The girl did not make any scandalous videos and even offered to pay for the date, because she understood that there would be no second one. The young man refused, but then sent a text message asking why she did not write, since she had "had a good meal" (the character's vocabulary is preserved - Moscow commentary 24). "He first asked me how I was. Apparently he missed me. Then he asked me how I was eating at the meeting and why I did not write to him, since I had had a good meal. Anyway, I asked for his card number and he quickly wrote me. The bill was 790 rubles".

Not to like each other and exaggerate

There are still "old-fashioned men" on Earth who have no idea how you can't pay a lady. And at the same time - why Russian women don't know how to appreciate each other. Peter is happy to pay for a woman, but he is frustrated that Russian women tend to exaggerate: "I don't like the fact that your women willingly accept to be second-class citizens for men. For them, there is no equality. They are suspicious, and they can avoid the truth and exaggerate easily.

The Portuguese José deplores the fact that Russian beauties are forced to receive emotional support and care from "unreliable and uninteresting Russian men, who are spoiled by the abundance of intelligent and beautiful women. In my country, such beautiful women would be extremely picky. Men's ignorance has led to the fact that women ignore men's appearance, pay no attention to anything, just to feed the family".

Romantic and passionate

Marco is surprised that for Russian women "little things like giving her her coat, holding the door open and especially opening the car door, taking her hand when we go down the stairs and she is on her heels, waiting for her for an appointment are so important. It is not quite usual for a Westerner, but it is very pleasant. Russians love attentions and flowers like nobody else, they wait for them so much and are so happy when they receive them. And that makes them attractive".

Vibhanshu, from India, noted the sexuality of Russians: "I had two women over 30 years old. The first was divorced and very liberal in her sexual desires. The second never married because she was pursuing a career. They gave me a lot of good memories and also gifts. They liked to give me something".

Conservative and caring

"I like the way Russian girls look after and support the person they love. The boyfriend or husband is simply supported in everything. And not only emotionally, but also physically. Oh yes, Russian women are very sexy in bed, and I like that. And they really seem to like doing the house, taking care of the family and their husbands," rejoices Nicolas, originally from Texas. - The American woman is looking for "Mr. Perfect" because our culture is based on Disney movies, where Prince Charming will take care of her and live in a castle full of fairy tales. I would prefer a Russian woman to an American woman - it's 100% because I like women who support me, look feminine and are grateful for who I am. An American woman expects a man to serve her, but Russians are less picky: if a person has a flaw, they work on it. In the United States, if they find a flaw in their man, they simply move on to the next one".

In America, a woman is a dictator, she decides what happens at home and in relationships, they like to win every argument and have the last word. Russian women are more understanding and calm. All women are complicated, but undoubtedly Russian women are less complicated than American women.

Accountant, US expatriate 


The American also wonders why Russian women are so eager to get married and strive to have a stamp, a husband and at least one child before the age of 30. Nicholas suspects that these laws are dictated by society's pressure on women. Nicholas has been dating a Russian woman who understands him for more than three years, but his previous Russian love affairs have riddled him with inappropriate demands.

"They are greedy for money, their eyes shine as soon as they meet a foreigner, and they think they have found a prince charming who will take them to Paris or Los Angeles," he says. - And another, on the second date, asked him to buy a pair of designer sneakers for ten thousand rubles. Hey, honey, we just met, what do you mean?"

Share the bill? Am I some kind of cheap Western scammer? Russian girls are queens, men of all nations should be up to them. If you can't pay for a whole dinner, how do you think you can offer her a decent life?