The 6 best apps for dating and finding a sexual partner

These services allow you to find a companion, a friend, a soul mate or just a partner for occasional meetings.

1. Badoo

This is the largest dating network in the world where each new user specifies the purpose of his registration at once, whether it is just communication or desire to go on a date. You can always see which of the users of the service are nearby, and with whom you might have previously accidentally crossed paths in the city.

Badoo features a pretty handy interface, video chat on demand, as well as a unique search mode for twins. The latter allows you to find people who look like you, or, conversely, who look like someone you like. For example, your favorite celebrity.


2. Mamba

This service calls itself a real guide of love, which attracts users who are looking for a soulmate. Especially for this purpose, a convenient search system is implemented with the ability to select only the parameters of interest. At the same time, the user can always see in a separate list those who have viewed his page.

Among the advantages of "Mamba" are quite informative profiles, video broadcasts and the ability to hide your age. One can register through any social network.


3. myLove

Simple and straightforward service for communicating with the opposite sex or finding a serious relationship. Users have access to detailed profiles, search by geolocation, comments to photos and the ability to meet without their own photo in the profile, i.e. virtually anonymously.

In the options of the application it is possible to choose the country of search if someone wants to communicate with those who are abroad. There are no paid subscriptions in the application, for real money you can only increase the popularity of your profile.


4. LovePlanet

In this application you can specify the purpose of your registration, i.e. who and what you are looking for. It is with these settings that the feed of users closest to you will be formed. With each of them you will be able to communicate anonymously, hiding your profile from others.

The app supports broadcasts, which will automatically be offered to a huge number of users. Not everyone likes it, but there are plenty of constantly active users in the service.


5. Tinder

Tinder is probably the most famous dating service on the web. It allows you without unnecessary actions and settings to go to the search and flip through hundreds and thousands of users' photos with swipes, marking only the ones you like. You can hide your age, add photos from Instagram to your profile, and tell us more about yourself.

Paid versions of Tinder have a number of unique features and unlimited likes, with which you can gift everyone in a row. There is also a traditional for such services to attract attention to your profile. You can boost it to the top, but this is a paid option.


6. FriendOnline

In terms of features, this is one of the most advanced services. Absolutely free, it informs about those who viewed your profile and allows you to bookmark to come back to this person later. You can communicate anonymously without uploading your photo.

Other features of the service are the ability to send voice messages, lots of bright stickers and setting a password so that no one can access your account.