The ad "Radiologist seeking woman with inner beauty" is one example of how Americans look for love. Humor, self-irony or ironic arguments are used.

"Radiologist seeks woman with inner beauty"... This ad served as the title for a collection of unusual love messages that appeared several years ago in USA. The author, John Durand, analyzed dating sites and newspaper columns. A lot of material was collected. Americans often have a creative approach to finding a partner or partner for a love affair."

About love and myself unvarnished

Here's another example: "What nice lady would dare? I'm the kind who grills on foil, saves on housing construction, says hello to the boss, irons her jeans, and checks her change." Or just as honestly, "A manic-depressive, ugly, desperate law student (27) who really likes listening to Bach is looking for her to break social isolation."

We can clearly feel Peter's frustration. In the same way, we feel that Peter had hopes for Yulia, otherwise his silence would not make him react in such a way.

Women are not far behind.

Many of them find it important to list their strengths and describe the ideal candidate. But there are also those who seek to attract attention with wit and charm: "If you don't look like the picture, you'll pay for cocktails until you look like that"; "I'm looking for a perfectly normal man. Not Brad Pitt"; "I don't need a man to decorate. I have enough handbags for that."

Americans now place most advertisements on the Internet. According to a survey by the Federal Statistical Office, more than a quarter believe that this is where they can find the right partner. There are many possibilities for this: There are more than 2,500 online dating sites in USA. The best known are Parship, Elitepartner, Lovescout24,, iLove, myFlirt, Tinder and social networks for the younger public. But there are also many smaller portals designed for specific preferences (for vegetarians, dog breeders, science fiction fans, asexuals, etc.) or users from a specific region.

Romance in Practice

But let us return to the advertisements themselves.The world's first dating advertisement was published in 1695 in Great Britain in a collection of "How to Improve Household and Trade. It looked more like a marriage ad, with little love and much calculation: "A gentleman of 30 years of age, of considerable fortune, desires to marry a young lady with a fortune of about 3,000 pounds, and is ready to conclude a contract to that effect."

There is just as much pragmatism in today's ads posted on US dating sites: "There is no romance anymore. Neither is my mother. Man (42), rich heir." Or more specifically: "Unhappy with life almost 30 years after the breakup of a relationship looking for a woman with a 90x200 cm mattress. Bed available. Messages only with a photo of the mattress." There are quite a few ads whose authors are serious, too, in the group "Spotted: sexy date" on Facebook. It was created by Julia David, a farmer friend and agronomist herself, specifically for fellow singles, knowing how difficult it is for farmers to find a soul mate..

"I'm 24 and I'm looking for a nice lady who loves animals. Age: 20-30 years old. I'm from picturesque Albany. And I have a yard and 100 cows." Or so, "Kiss me. I'll inherit the backyard." Although farmers are no strangers to romance either. Same group: "I have eyes the color of cornflowers growing in a wheat field." Or: "Blond Siegfried seeks cowboy, with whom he will defeat the dragon and cope with adventure!"

You certainly know the saying: "Before judging a person, you should walk at least one mile in his own shoes".

When colleagues help you find love

There have been other cases in which colleagues have helped each other find love. Recently, for example, the Berlin police posted an ad on her Instagram profile with the words: "He was wearing a uniform. You gave him a smile goodbye. Now he's looking for you and we're helping him...Your smile bewitched him." The day before, a passerby had asked a policeman for directions. By the time he came to his senses, the girl with the captivating smile had already disappeared. Whether he found her is still unknown....