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Video Conference with Girls : we offer video conferencing services for those clients who wish to see and talk to the ladies of their choice. This services is only avaible for Saint Petersburg or surrounding area. There is a way to feel, sense and understand one of our ladies. matchmarking woman and man If you elect to use this service you will immediately communicate in real time with the ladies in which you are interested. You will hear their voices, see their style of communication and how they dress. You can get your questions answered live. meeting with woman There will be an interpreter available if necessary. If you are already communicating with one of our ladies it is a great way to show your interest in this lady or brighten her day on any occasion. This service is not available through any other Marriage Agency from St Petersburg. If you have a lady that you would like to conference with that is not a member at our agency, please direct her to come and we will organize for you to communicate with her through our service! In Russia, you have so many dating website.

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How to use video conference

If you would like to use video chat conference service please order required video conferencing time and "send us list of the ladies you want to meet to" (esto va a un formulario). (You need to order at least 10 minutes for every lady). Than we will contact You by e-mail and You will then request a time(s) when you would like to see and hear the lady (or ladies) of your choice. We will contact the lady (ladies) and confirm your time by return email. If your suggested time is not convenient for the lady, we will offer you alternative times according to the lady's schedule. When we agree on a time we will undertake to make all the arrangements. If necessary and you wish, we will send a car to pickup your lady and return her after the conference.


- 10 minutes is $19

- 15 minutes is $25

- 20 minutes or more $1.5/minute * Faults

If video conference is not available in scheduled time by our fault :

- We have a technical problem.

- Woman from our Agency is not come in time (10 minutes period).

You may ask back your money immediately or reschedule conference to another time for free. If you don't ask to get back your money immediately, it's mean, that you have no any claim to agency and you will be able to reschedule it only for free.

If video conference is not available in scheduled time by your fault :

- You have an unresolvable technical problem.

- Woman not from our Agency is not come in time (10 minutes period).

- You are not online in scheduled time (10 minutes period).

You can't get back your money, but you can reschedule conference for $15.


For using our video chat conferencing service, You need to have Yahoo Messenger (our choice) or Skype.

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We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available seven days a week to assist you.

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